Welcome fellow 'adult' in search of a more adventurous adulthood! I'm glad you stopped by because I know you're busy, but hey! you're currently making time for that explorer in you-Hooray! 

On the Hunt

I'm not actually a hunter or anything so I can see how the title might be misleading. I actually just enjoy 'hunting' the spectacular and rare sights of this beautiful planet. Recently I set out with the northern lights as my prey.

I've heard so many stories about how magical they are and what a spiritual experience it is, varied and unique each time you see them. With my home base in Florida, this isn't exactly something I have easy access to; but I happened to find myself in Norway as the result of a work trip. So I decided to take advantage. Alone I set off to Tromso, where in the middle of January there is no actual sunlight, but instead a sleepy little town that looks like something out of a fairy tale. 

With only a couple of days here and work to do in between, I knew my chances were slim as 3 nights minimum is always recommended for this adventure. I quite enjoy the feeling of going after my goals though, so this wasn't going to stop me. As we set out on the chase, I quickly realised the chances were dwindling - a massive snowstorm had rolled in. Without clear skies, those wonderful lights would be performing for no one. 

We had left town at 6pm and returned about 5am. The journey took us into Finland, through a snow storm, past reindeer, and onto a photo op on a frozen lake complete with campfire and marshmallows. Unfortunately, the lights were rather weak that night and we only got a brief 10 minute glance at what appeared to be fog to the naked eye. A green glow could be detected with the proper camera. Clouds took over the sky and the lights were done performing for that night. 

I decided to try my luck again the following night. But within 3 hours of booking, the chase was cancelled due to avalanche warnings and the next morning I began my journey home to Florida. I didn't get the mind blowing experience of seeing the aurora borealis dance above me at the top of the world. Am I disappointed? No. Let's call this an occupational hazard of tracking down all the wonders mother nature has to offer. I will definitely go out and try my luck again. 

A Day in Transit.

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