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The Danger of the Negative

While this easily relates to travel, I think it's actually a much larger concept. I've dealt with this topic a lot recently, so I decided to write about it.

People often assume that I don't get scared or nervous doing the things I do, or that it comes easy for me to have a positive outlook and make the best of everything. Well I'm here to tell you that neither one of those is true. If you ask anyone who has known me for a long time and known me well, they can attest to the fact that I was a rather negative person and as a result sometimes hard to be around. I also get scared every time I'm about to jump off a cliff (proverbial or not) and I am nervous every time I travel alone.

We are all human and we are all allowed to feel these things. But there is one important thing I've learned. There is a massive difference between the person that listened to these feelings and the person I am now. Now I acknowledge the feeling but I defend the big picture. The big picture are my dreams. They mean achieving my goals, seeing the places I want to see, and experiencing new things. The big picture shouldn't stay a daydream but should rather become what we are actually working towards every single day, no matter how small the step.  Unfortunately every negative thought I listen to, stops me from accomplishing this. Every negative thought tries to turn your attention to the small things in front of you. The excuses for why you can't. The reasons you shouldn't. Why it's just better not to. 

Your dreams and your big picture might be drastically different than mine. But I guarantee you, the negative thoughts sound the same. So all I am really trying to say is, don't let yourself be bullied by those thoughts. Stand up for the part of you that dreams big. Fight to make that big picture your reality. Defend the daring part of your soul. Because if you won't, no one will. 

There is nothing more satisfying than the moment your daydream becomes your reality. Cheesy, I know. But so true :)

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