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Why is that wet?!

When travelling through Central America during the rainy season, prepare yourself to become best friends with 'moist'. I learned this the hard way. No, this doesn’t mean I’ve left all my stuff outside to 'dry' in the middle of one of those regularly occurring thunderstorms. I’m not an idiot. Not that much anyways.

I just highly underestimated how quickly things like my towel dry. They don’t. I only brought one towel on this five week trek, perhaps partially influenced by the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. And it turns out that between taking showers, beach days, and the stifling humidity nothing is dry. Ever. Even clothes that have been in my bag unexposed to the outside feel moist and sticky! Next time I will definitely bring a second towel. Although after a week of this, I’m not sure that it’ll make a difference. Maybe I should just make my peace with that clammy feeling I’m becoming strangely attached to. 

UPDATE: The towel and I have parted ways since I wrote this. Four weeks was too much and there was no way to recover.  Adios, second best beach towel I've ever owned (I'd never put my favourite one through this!). You served me well and will be missed. 

Waiting out the storm in Bocas Del Toro (taken at Bambuda Lodge on Isla Solarte)

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