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Hosteling at 31

Yes, I’m aware that this sounds absurd. Almost as bad as me turning hostel into a verb. 

But seriously, this idea sounds as if you are some disillusioned grown-up, so unsatisfied with life choices, that you are now grasping to your youth by mixing in with the 22 year-olds in a hotel whose reputation is based on late nights and skinny dipping. Don’t get me wrong, the parties are a blast! I just think there is more to it. There is a level of respect that comes along with sharing a room (and bathroom!) with 10 strangers of both sexes.

Minding someone else things, being quiet when others are sleeping, and the bathroom cycle that strangely yet organically develops all point to an interesting sense of trust and a feeling of community. I have met plenty of 30-somethings back home that could learn a thing or two from the respect and open-mindedness that these 20 year-olds possess. Above all, it also becomes clear that age is nothing but a mindset and that kindness to one another transcends age, race, location, background, and native language. I wish I had started travelling like this sooner because I envy the lessons these young travellers will learn and the wealth of experiences, social awareness, and knowledge they will possess by the time they reach my age. It allows me to have faith in humanity the way these kids have faith that I won’t steal the Gopro they left lying out on their bunk. 

Definitely acting my age on a night out in Panama 

On Trust

Why is that wet?!