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My name is Linda, as the ever so subtle title suggests. My life is fueled by travel, trying new things, sharing stories, and basically eating everything. 

Juts like you, I'm a 30-something 'adult' and have this entire grown up life full of responsibilities. But at heart, I am an adventurer. An explorer. A free spirit and a world wanderer!  So I've taken the fact that 'not all who wander are lost' to heart - because we are not! We are just looking for that piece of ourselves we haven't discovered yet, friends whom we haven't met yet, and (definitely in my case) snacks!

I am German born, live in the US, identify most with Brits, and must have been Latin in a past life because salsa is my jam! I play soccer, water is my element and I have a serious love affair with my snowboard Lilly. She's my soulmate. 

While our visions may not be the same, I want to encourage everyone to go out and live the life they want! You're only here once, and that should be enough if you do it right :) (...I may also be a bit of a quote-whore)

I'm not great at this blogging/writing stuff, but maybe my pictures, videos, and words of poorly written wisdom will inspire you or at least entertain for 30 seconds. I'll count this page successful in either case.

I promise to do my best with the writing/video posting bit in return. 

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